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Our Rescue Mission Was A Great Success!!

The greatest feeling is you made a difference in at least one animals life.

We took some photo's, exchanged hugs and best wishes, and said good night.  I would be back to pick up Moo another day.  These girls have no idea how close they came to death's door...or maybe they do.  I went back about a week later to pick up Moo and bring her home to her new friends. 

Now a year later, Moo now known as Mora, resides at Long Acres Farm in Caledon with her two OTTB friends and two ponies. 


The drive home was very slow but we were all excited that our rescue mission was a success.  We arrived back at Lindsey's Farm at 10:30pm, where we unloaded the girls, and put them into their stalls with fresh shavings, hay, and water.  

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